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ConnectVitals™, our highly customizable Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system, makes it easy to track your patients and deliver interventions quickly and effectively.

How It Works

You identify the unique monitoring needs of your patient and provide our relevant monitoring devices and HUB console (tablet or PERS).
Your patient utilizes the equipment at home, and you receive biometric updates through our online portal or your Electronic Medical Record.
You identify patients in need of intervention and contact them directly, reducing the rate of readmissions.


Why ConnectVitals?


It’s Customizable to Your Needs

You determine each individual patient’s needs and customize the template to reflect your unique protocols, control tolerances, thresholds and alerts. You’ll get 24/7 access to online reports with no capital investment or long-term contract.

It Will Deliver Better Outcomes and Lower Costs

Easily identify at-risk patients and intervene before escalation or readmission. Stay in touch with patients at home with a range of communication options, including interactive voice response phone calls, a mobile app, tablets, PERS or your own device.

It Will Improve Your Key Metrics

Your patients will feel safe and secure knowing you’re monitoring their health, and they’ll appreciate the speed at which you can intervene – which means you’ll enjoy better patient satisfaction, quality, HHCAHPS scores, plus improved star and case manager efficiency ratings. Plus, you’ll get maximum reimbursement and increase your ROI.

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